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Landmarks Commission Approves Project Plans

Friends’ Campus Redevelopment Project plan was approved unanimously by the City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission on Tuesday, May 19! The Project now has the backing of Community Board 6 and the City’s Landmarks Commission, a powerful public acknowledgement of the importance of the Project and the sensitivity our design team has shown to both program needs and the historic context in which our campus sits.”I want to thank everyone — those who appeared at meetings, wrote letters, have helped in our fundraising efforts and who have been ambassadors for the Project in so many ways,” Principal Robert “Bo” Lauder said. “We know this project is essential for our School to be its best self in years to come and its realization will indeed help us in preparing our students to ‘bring about the world that ought to be.’ Over the last few months, I’ve been reminded of old-fashioned barn raisings, in which community members would bring their tools and materials and together build a structure. While it isn’t quite the same, I like to think of this as a project built by the community — touched by many hands — for the community, and that it will last for many generations to come.” To read the Landmark Preservation Commission’s findings, please click here.

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