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Construction Activity for Aug. 22 - Sept. 3

The following is a schedule of construction activity at Hunter Hall (222 East 16th Street) from Aug. 22 through Sept. 3, 2016. Please feel free to contact us at or call our Information Line at 646-979-5225 for questions or comments. WORK HOURS

  • Monday through Friday: 7am – 6pm

  • Saturday: 9am – 3pm

  • No work on Sundays throughout construction (except in an emergency)

As weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances may influence the progress of the work, all dates and times mentioned may be subject to change.


  • Pouring of concrete floors, installation of stairs to new floors.

  • Installation of partitions

  • Continued build-out and reconstruction of interiors (drywall, electrical, ductwork, IT cabling, etc.).


  • Begin installation of windows on both facades.

  • Continued installation of bricks and concrete masonry units (CMUs).

  • Continued waterproofing and fireproofing at columns.

  • Pour concrete for rooftop play deck.

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