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Notice of Neighborhood Cable Work

Dear Neighbor,

As you know, Friends Seminary is undertaking an important redevelopment project. Construction continues with the redevelopment of the school’s three townhouse buildings (212 – 216 East 16th Street), which serve as academic and program space. Work on the townhouses is planned to make the buildings ADA accessible to students, staff and visitors with disabilities, to improve interior classrooms, and preserve and enhance the buildings’ historic facades. In the weeks ahead, the construction team will be carefully removing portions of the rear walls of these buildings.

Attached to the townhouses are phone and internet cabling installed by various service providers. This cabling disseminates service to surrounding buildings as well as Friends Seminary. The school’s construction manager, Tishman Construction, has been in communications with the area service providers (Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner/Spectrum) informing them of the upcoming work on the townhouse buildings. As construction continues, Tishman will protect all cabling to the rear of the Townhouses and remain in contact with these providers until all active cables are re-established outside the construction site and tested for functionality.

During this process, please be assured that every effort will be made to protect cables that serve buildings in the area. Should an unexpected service disruption occur, the school has been informed by the cable providers that contacting these providers directly is the most efficient way to resolve any issues. We have included contact information below for the providers serving the neighborhood.

We understand that construction is inconvenient and we continue to make every effort to minimize disruption to the greatest possible extent. To contact the school, we encourage neighbors to email or call us at (646) 979-5225.


Friends Seminary


Verizon | Repair Department: (800) 837-4966

Time Warner / Spectrum | Customer Service, William Bixeman: (650) 281-7881

AT&T | Customer Service: (800) 288-2020


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