Construction Activities for June 20 - July 31

June 27, 2018

Dear Neighbors,

We’re pleased to announce the completion of steel erection on the 16th Street Townhouse buildings. Due to an efficient operation and good weather, the steel program was completed early and the crane departed 16th Street more than a week ahead of schedule.


The next phase of rebuilding the Townhouses includes concrete operations and decking, which is scheduled to begin this week and continue through July. Neighbors will observe concrete trucks periodically arriving on 16th Street to complete pours. The concrete pouring program will be coordinated to ensure that trucks arrive in efficient succession to avoid unnecessary queuing along 16th Street. Flag persons will be present during construction work hours to ensure pedestrian and vehicular safety.


Further to the recently completed steel framing, this next project scope involving concrete is working toward the enclosure of the Townhouse buildings later this fall, targeted for September, at which point the remaining 12 months of the construction project will primarily consist of interior work / build out.


Below please find a construction activities report for the next 6 weeks. As always, should you have questions or concerns regarding the construction project, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at (646) 979-5225. 



Friends Seminary


The following is a detailed schedule of construction activity on the Townhouse buildings (212-216 East 16th Street) for June 20 - July 31.



  • Structural installation (continued)

    • Metal decking (16th Street)

    • Stud welding (16th Street)

  • Begin concrete slab pours

  • Stucco application (south and west side of the building at backyards)

  • Repointing Townhouse buildings’ facades

  • Cornice construction

  • Exterior steel bracing removal on south side (manual disassembly, not requiring use of a crane)

  • South exterior brick infill (at steel brace removal

  • Construction material delivery and debris removal (from 16th Street and 15th Street, as necessary)

  • Continues use of the alleyway daily (cleaned and maintained)

  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing interior rough-in continues

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the construction project, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at (646) 979-5225.
























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 The redevelopment was designed by Kliment Halsband Architects. The construction manager is Tishman Construction. 

Please feel free to contact us at or call our Information Line at 646-979-5225 for questions or comments.