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Rooftop Ventilator Information

Dear Neighbors,

We’ve received a few inquiries from neighbors about a piece of mechanical equipment that will be installed on the school’s roof this summer, and we’re happy to provide information in response.

Recently our construction manager set a platform on Friends’ roof for an air filtration unit that will be installed later this fall. This mechanical equipment is part of the renovation project and, once operable, will provide ventilated air for students and faculty inside the townhouses buildings. The specified model, a Greenheck RVE-80-58P-30H rooftop ventilator, only runs when the building is occupied and is enclosed on the west, south, and east sides of the unit with wall panels to reduce noise. The unit’s location on the roof was determined by a combination of available space and minimal visibility from the street.

For visual reference of where the air ventilator unit will be located, please see the roof drawing below from the school’s 2016 LPC-approved design plans. (The unit is located on the lower left-hand corner of the plan.)


Friends Seminary

Click here for a higher res image.

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